b_350_234_16777215_00_images_photos_TartanArmy.jpgTartan Army Sunshine Appeal has to have something to do with Scotland and football. Yes, it does! It´s the longest running charity funded by Scotland football fans. The word sunshine in their name underlines that they want “to bring a little sunshine to the lifes of children whose countries were visited by the Tartan Army on tour”. The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal is collecting money to donate it to a children´s charity in the countries, where the national team of Scotland plays. For 10 years now!

They started their great work in 2003, when the team was playing in Bosnia. Some Scottish fans met Kemal Karic, known as Kemo. He was a boy who lost his mum in the war, when he was three months old. His leg got seriously injured at this tragic occurrence.  Some Scottish Fans realised, that they are fortunate and spend much money for trips to follow the Scotland football team, so the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal decided to help the little boy by collecting money for a new prosthetic limb. He became a or better the symbol and the inspiration for TASA. Nice point about Kemo, after many tries to get him to Scotland to take part in and watch a match of the Scotland football team, 2007, when he was 15 years old, he was the mascot at the qualifying match against Italy.

This year is the 10th anniversary. The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal combines being football fans, representing Scotland and helping children and people in many different countries, who can´t help themselves. John Daly is the chairman of this organisation and one of the devoted members of the Tartan Army. All the money they raise for the funds is a great result of all the support and good-will of many volunteers.

In different countries and for different kind of projects they raise money, collect clothes and other needed things. They had been to countries like Belarus, Slovenia, Lithuania, but also to Italy, USA, Norway, Japan or Germany. In every piece of the world the Scottish team is playing the charity group is choosing one specific organisation to donate to. There is a number of different criteria the organisation has to be like, for example non-religious and non-government funded. So since 2003 they never came empty handed to an away game of the Scotland football team. The footsoldiers of the Tartan Army are visiting the organisation or hospitals for children, playing with their bagpipes and making presentations, kilted all the time. Up to twelve members cheer up the kids and donate the money personally.

On their website you can read an article about every single past project and organisation, the money is going to. Nice one! An example to follow, as we find! 




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