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From the fans´ point of view

Do you think this handbook is a good way for the fans to improve the relationship with the clubs?

Per Arne Flatberg, board member of the Norsk Supporterallianse (NSA), Norway: “I think having a handbook being endorsed by so many parties of the football will certainly help both clubs and fans to actually get together and talk about their issues. So I hope that will be a good thing.”

Martin Endemann, FSE Committee member and spokesperson of Bündnis Aktiver Fußballfans (national Alliance of Active Football Fans - BAFF), Germany: “I actually think that it is a good starting point for building up a good relationship at many clubs, especially at clubs where there hasn´t been a dialogue established in whatever form.”

Are there any parts in the handbook or around the supporters charter you find challenging? If so, which and why?

Tomas Carnogursky, Head of the (fan-driven) Fans‘ Project at FC Slovan Liberec: “I can say I am quite satisfied with the overall content, apart from very few really minor details. I don´t feel that there are any major challenging issues.”

Martin Endemann, FSE Committee and BAFF, Germany: “At the end of the day, it is up to the fans and clubs to decide what is in their respective final supporters charter and they have to see how they interact with each other and what parts they want to use from the handbook to put them in their supporters charter. It’s the dialogue about it, that counts. I think there will be challenges, but that’s nothing unusual – if both parties want this, everybody can benefit from it.”

Do you think many fan groups and clubs will use this handbook to create a supporters charter?

Per Arne Flatberg, NSA, Norway: “I think, getting a fans charters is a good thing both for the clubs and for the fans, so I don´t see actually any reason why they should not. It is much easier not to talk to each other than to actually get together and sort out the issues that there are. I think it will be good for both fans and clubs if they actually did this. It can help us all as fans on a daily basis.“



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