In view of the fact, that payment with Mastercard will double the chances in the ballot for the ticket allocation to the general public for the Champions League Final ticket sales 2013 at Wembley, the position of FSE on the issue is as follows:


Football Supporters Europe believes that a ballot is the fairest way to distribute the public sale fans' tickets for the Champions League final, especially as we know that demand will far outstrip supply. 

This apparently commercially-driven proposal to suit the interests of one sponsor flies in the face of the principle of such a ballot. We fail to see how MasterCard can reconcile this approach with support for e.g. the principles of fair play.

FSE has been engaged in a constructive dialogue with UEFA about ticketing issues, and we have found them to be increasingly responsive to the views of supporters.

In the past they have also run the ticket ballots fairly. We will be seeking to raise this issue with them as a matter of urgency.

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