partizanminsktourinternet_banner_200x200.pngSupporters from Belarus and Germany are demonstrating solidarity. Let's collectively support something that deserves acknowledgement!

A small, special football club from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, a country where oppression and governmental violence against its own civilians is a sad reality, is coming on tour to four different German cities - upon initiative from the fans themselves.

At the beginning of last year, the football club Partizan Minsk ceased to exist because it became insolvent. The club's fanbase, that takes a strong stance against racism and try to shape an active antifascist fan culture in the so-called “last dictatorship in Europe” stepped in and came into play. They managed to save their club and refounded it as membership-based football club, managed by the fans themselves. These energy-intense efforts have also been supported from Germany, by other anti-fascist fan groups who started off an international solidarity-campaign together with the Minsk supporters.

First steps are always the hardest! This one as well, because the club was used to play in the first division, but now they have to start as far down as in the fourth, the local city-league of Minsk. The great efforts undertaken for their club are also reflected in the fact that all supporters involved in this reformation process are volunteers, only the two team coaches are being paid for their work. But still, there is hardly enough money to maintain basic match operations. 

That’s why the club's survival at this stage is dependent on donations from supporters and the sale of merchandise products.

But why are they now going on a tour in Germany? The club representatives will visit the cities Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and Babelsberg to raise awareness about their daily life in Belarus, difficulties as anti-racist football supporters and to raise funds. The trip comprising the entire team and the club management will be accompanied by the series of events under the motto “Another football is possible”. Yes, a different football and fan culture is possible, even in Belarus!

Friendly matches will kick off against the teams of FC St. Pauli, SV Babelsberg 03, Roter Stern Leipzig, Tennis Borussia Berlin and Victoria Hamburg, because the fan groups of these clubs joined the solidarity-campaign and declared their support for this special football club.

But the tour is not possible without financial help! All fans involved from Germany have been busy with raising funds for the trip. They are almost there but there is still funds missing for the running costs of the bus. So, help them and make a donation for the sake of supporting the fans commitment at Partizan Minsk and come to the events to get to know them all!

Details of the donation account and the preliminary schedule can be found via this link here!

And here you can find a little promotion video: 


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