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AS Roma parents with child

Kick-off times in modern football at “its best”: AS Roma supporters are appalled in view of fan-unfriendly kick-off times for their team this season. Nothing new for many football supporters. FSE members from MyROMA, a supporters trust initiative, now have taken action to voice their protest.

We are hereby documenting their open letter sent to various football bodies and institutions:

"From September on, we have received hundreds of messages from our members and supporters asking why the AS Roma should always play in the evening. MyROMA felt compelled to send the below letter to ask for clarification and to make clear to decision-makers that the situation is no longer tenable, but that especially the kick-off times keep away the families, and contradict respective statements made by those in charge that families were so important.

For transparency we as MyROMA make available the letter sent to the Football League and for the attention of the Observatory, AS Roma and UEFA:

Dear Mr. President,

We ask this at every meeting. Sometimes we ask our members and the supporters: "How do they think to bring families to the stadium if you play at impossible times?" President, we do not find an answer to this question. To this question we can not answer because, after all, there is no response.

For this we turn directly to you, because we can not be more than speechless every time someone asks, "Why always at night?" How can bring families to the stadium when Rome does not play a home game at 15 from September 16, 2012? Practically from Rome-Bologna, one season ago! Since that encounter, our team played in the evening at 7 out of a total of 8 games, with the only exception being the day of Roma-Atalanta at 12.30. We want to return to follow our team at times that allow us, dad / moms, to bring to the stage even our youngest fans.

How can you think that a child of 4-5-6 years can attend a meeting in a night race, among other things in a stadium decidedly inhospitable, with temperatures near or even below zero?

You, dear President, would bring his son to the stadium in these conditions? There are many parents who despite signing a voucher or subscription can not bring their children to the stadium and share this passion with them.

The next round of the championship will once again in the evening, this time on a Saturday or Sunday, but even on a Friday. So it will be again for many other Sundays as the next round at home in the afternoon hours (excluding the derby) will be against Pescara in the "next" on April 21. The summary of our league from the 4th onwards:

‐ Roma‐Sampdoria 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Atalanta 12.30hrs

‐ Roma‐Udinese 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Palermo 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Torino 20.45hrs Monday

‐ Roma‐Fiorentina 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Milan 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Inter 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Cagliari 20.45hrs Friday

‐ Roma‐Juve 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Genoa 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Parma 20.45hrs

‐ Roma‐Lazio 15.00hrs

‐ Roma‐Pescara 15.00hrs

The question we ask to your attention is simple: Why always in the evening? Among other things, very often, during the winter season? All of us would like this question to be addressed with a clear and comprehensive justification, possibly that is not just that relating to TV rights. Meanwhile, the show is always the same, half-empty stadium thanks to the choices of the League that you represent. We fans demand more attention because we begin to be tired of listening to the usual (and rhetorical) slogan: "Here are the families at the stadium."

Our company is trying to achieve this by all means, see the initiative "Solecuore Village" or the area dedicated to families. Initiatives commendable and well appreciated by the fans, but do little good if you all do not start to pay more attention to our needs!

It is at least alienating to observe that the league uses the slogan "Football is for those who love him", because we hope this does not remain just another slogan.

We are therefore asking for a response and a more attentive to the needs of those who truly love this sport.

Thank you for the attention you'd like to reserve this letter, the opportunity is welcome to offer you my best regards."


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