testFans’ Embassies at World Cup 2018 were launched on 13 June 2018 on the occasion of a press conference held by Football Supporters Europe in Moscow.

Elena Erkina (Fans’ Embassy Russia), Robert Ustian (FSE Committee) and Ronan Evain (FSE CEO) presented to media representatives the scope of the project and commented on the state of preparation of the competition.

Fans’ Embassies at World Cup 2018 will be coordinated by FSE, which will open its Moscow headquarter on 14 June 2018, the first day of the tournament. It will be hosted at the COPA 90 Clubhouse, located inside Trekhgornaya manufaktura, a former textile factory turned into a night life and cultural hotspot. The FSE Moscow office will be open every day until the end of the competition and will offer a safe and welcoming environment for all fans.

b_3000_200_16777215_00_images_201516_news_clubhouse_poster.jpgFans’ Embassies from Europe and beyond will be deployed in every Host City, with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism and local partners. Consisting of volunteer supporters and social workers, the Fans’ Embassies will follow their team throughout the tournament, travelling with other fans and operating on match day and the day before. They will offer information, advise and support to all fans in relation with the local authorities, their diplomatic representation in Russia, the FSE Moscow office, their football association and other tournament stakeholders.

In order to support the work of the Fans’ Embassies on the ground, FSE will run a 24/7 hotline for supporters’ organisations. Open to all fans’ representatives and supported by legal experts, it will allow immediate response thanks to channels of communication opened with Russian authorities, tournament organizers, diplomatic representations in Moscow and visiting police delegations.

FSE will also facilitate the organisation of fans’ friendlies during the World Cup. Supported by the Russian Football Union, those friendly football matches are a part of the away travel culture for a growing number of national team fans.


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