testOn Sunday the 11 October, anti-racist football fans from nine countries met in Munich / Germany to discuss the future work of FSE´s anti-discrimination division (ADD). The meeting was hosted by Munich-based 1860 fan group “Löwen Fans gegen rechts” and held in co-operation with “Football fans against Homophobia” (FFAH).

The Anti-Discrimination Division (ADD) within Football Supporters Europe (FSE) was founded to organise joint activities among football fans against discrimination and to connect FSE members with a focus of activities in this area from across the continent and beyond. It´s overall aim is to extend the network of football fans active against discrimination, to share our knowledge, to learn from each other, to increase the number of cross-country activities and to widen our expertise as fans in this field.

Already at the last FSE European Fan Congress in Belfast, it was proposed to focus the work and actions according to areas of interest of different people. Subsequently four different topics were identified that the ADD should concentrate on in the future. These four topics are: Woman in Football, Homophobia in Football, Racism & the extreme right in Football, Football & Refugees. In the sessions on the above topics, the participants discussed on-going campaigns as #Respectfans and Second Fan Shirt, discussed possibilities of support for partners organisations at #tacklehomophobia and Football Fans Against Homophobia and talked about potential new activities and project applications in each of these action groups. During the meeting, co-ordinators were appointed for each subdivision have been appointed and Mark Doidge, a FSE-member, who is an devoted football fan and works for the University of Brighton has been unanimously elected as replacement of Goran Grosman as Director of the ADD.

It was also agreed to seek to put together the next issue of the FSE Fanzine REVIVE THE ROAR with a focus on fan-driven activities against discrimination. The content should be developed on the basis of the four focus areas of the action groups and first articles have already been provided.

Mark Doidge, the newly elected director of the ADD said: “Unfortunately, discrimination is still a part of the beautiful game. But history has shown that only through fans and players campaigning and challenging, do the authorities do anything. Only by working together can we make football more inclusive”.

If you´re interested to take part in the anti-discrimination division of FSE or have any contributions for the fanzine, drop us an e-mail at info@fanseurope.org


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