committee15From 17 to 19 September 2015, the FSE Committee elected in Belfast at the European Football Fans Congress 2015 met for the first time to set the agenda for the coming year and decide about issues and enquiries submitted by football fans from across Europe.

At the premises of the “House of Football Cultures” in Berlin/Germany, the members of the FSE Committee evaluated the European Football Fans Congress in Belfast, and received updates from the FSE Fans’ Embassies Division’s project activities for EURO2016 and the FSE Anti-Discrimination Division. Naturally, club competitions were also on the agenda, and topics of discussion included ticket pricing for the European Club Competition Finals and current inquiries such as those from members in Slovakia and Northern Ireland who were affected by UEFA restrictions at their recent European matches.

Together with the members of staff from the FSE Coordinating Office, the overall administration was discussed, budget plans for the next year were adopted, and existing projects were taken to the next level, such as the relaunch of the FSE Website, the FSE Fan Lawyer network and the FSE Fans’ Guide App.

And of course, lots of overarching “hot topics” for fans across Europe were also part of the debates at the meeting: since the FSE membership had decided at the European Fans Congress in Belfast that further action on the issue of mass punishments should be taken, the FSE Committee prepared the next steps in this field. Furthermore, it was decided to form a working group consisting of FSE members to further develop the FSE positions on exclusion measures in European football.

Each of the FSE Committee members took responsibility for certain areas of activities for their next two years in office. Apart from that, the FSE Committee will, of course, remain committed to provide further assistance and support to all members of FSE in the future, to strengthen their role as football fans and facilitate the dialogue between them, the governing bodies in football and the authorities on all relevant matters.

Ultimately, and for the first time in the history of FSE, the members of the FSE Committee gave themselves a Code of Ethics via which they underlined – amongst other things - to follow and promote the FSE core principles, to set an exemplary standard of behaviour and drive FSE positions forward, and to continue to promote the credibility of FSE as the representative umbrella organisation of supporters in European football.


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