testSupporters are being urged to put pressure on FIFA's eight main sponsors to back independent reform of football's world governing body. Write to the sponsors!

At this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Football Supporters Europe (FSE) at the European Football Fans Congress #EFFC2015 in Belfast / Northern Ireland, a resolution was passed, calling for supporters to address FIFA's main sponsors demanding reform of the organisation - led by an independent commission to enforce robust safeguards against corruption. The same resolution was passed only two weeks later by the membership of our national members from the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) in England & Wales at their AGM.

Beforehand, fans from across Europe had debated the issue at a session under the title “Quo Vadis FIFA?” at Seaview Stadium of Crusaders FC as part of #EFFC2015, featuring Damian Collins UK Member of Parliament from the New FIFA Now campaign, Sylvia Schenk from Transparency International Germany and Jim Boyce, former FIFA Vice President and Life President of Honor of the Irish Football Association. Supporters discussed the issues around FIFA's corruption and the problems around the upcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar. It became very clear during the debate that fans are fed up with the way how FIFA is run. They want to see radical change happening and are ready to take an active role in this, and also see the need for sponsors to take a clear position.

Three of the eight main FIFA sponsors, Coca-Cola, VISA and McDonalds, have since already made public statements in support of reforming FIFA. Just like the initiative taken by our members from the Football Supporter Federation for fans in England & Wales, FSE hereby urges football fans across Europe to email the chief executive at each FIFA sponsor directly. You can do so by using the email contacts or directly by clicking the email hyperlinks below. Use or replace our pre-written text, just as you wish.

Twitter: @adidas 
CEO: Herbert Hainer - herbert.hainer_a@adidas-group.com

Twitter: @CocaColaCo 
Chairman & CEO: Mr Muhtar Kent - mukent@na.ko.com / @muhtarkent

Twitter: @McDonaldsCorp 
President & CEO: Mr Steve Easterbrook - steve.easterbrook@us.mcd.com / @SteveEasterbrk

Twitter: @Visa 
CEO: Mr Charles Scharf - cscharf@visa.com

Twitter: @Hyundai_Global 
Chairman & CEO: Dr Chung Mong-Koo - mong-koo-chung@hyundai-motor.com

Twitter: @Budweiser 
CEO: Mr Carlos Brito - carlos.brito@inbev.com

Twitter: @GazpromFootball 
Chairman of Management Committee: Mr Alexey Miller - a.miller@adm.gazprom.ru

Twitter: @Kia 
Chief Executive: Mr Hyoung-Keun Lee - hyoung-keun-lee@kia.com

Email text:

SUBJECT: Sponsorship of FIFA

Dear ……,

I and countless other football supporters from across the globe are dismayed at the corruption and influence-peddling at the top of football’s world governing body FIFA. It is time for an end to this scandal afflicting our beautiful game and the voices of supporters to be heard.

Although I welcome FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s announcement that he will stand down, I call on your company to demand an independent commission to oversee changes to FIFA’s statutes and general organisational structures – ensuring robust safeguards against future corruption, fair elections and transparent governance, and the adherence to key standards of human rights, sustainability and anti-corruption with the hosting of all future World Cups.

Being a sponsor and commercial partner of FIFA – your organisation’s reputation and public image is at risk if FIFA fails to reform, and it cannot be allowed to reform itself. Football and your brand can only be protected if FIFA is reformed by an independently overseen process.

If you want to find out in more detail what myself and other football supporters are calling for, please consult with supporter organisations like Football Supporters Europe (FSE), part of the Sport and Rights Alliance (SRA) who work on a vision for a fairer, more accountable FIFA structure and a better future for mega sport events.  Additionally you may read the Guiding Principles of the New FIFA Now campaign.  .

Kind regards,

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