Read more ...A network meeting of the FSE Anti-Discrimination network (ADD) will take place on 4 & 5 JUNE 2016 in Paris / France, organised jointly with our colleagues from the Queering Football initiative.

On 4 JUNE 2016 we want to bring together fans and initiatives, involved in refugee solidarity work in and around football. On 5 JUNE 2016 there will be the next meeting of the anti-discrimination division (ADD) of FSE, which will involve fans from all over Europe from the FSE membership, who are actively organising activities against discrimination in football. The meetings are part of the project 'Queering Football', which is co-funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Sport Programme.

Thursday, 02 June 2016

Read more ...40 volunteers and Fans’ Embassies staff met in Paris from 27 to 29 May in order to get the latest information on their job during the tournament and to train their skills.

The last event for RESPECT FAN CULTURE - Fans’ Embassies at EURO 2016 and their numerous volunteers ahead of the tournament took place in Paris/France where Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and Concordia welcomed more than 40 attendees for training sessions in the fields of fan hosting, security and media work. The participants were also given latest information about the situations in the different EURO 2016 host cities.

Wednesday, 01 June 2016

Read more ...Travelling to the UEFA Club Competition Finals in Basel or Milano? Get the latest info and download the official UEFA fan leaflets here! Or check out the latest update of our FSE Fans’ Guide App and get all stadium and match day info, available offline on your smartphone!

For a number of years now, FSE has been in a dialogue with UEFA on fan arrangements at the Europa and Champions League finals, discussions ranging from ticket pricing and allocations to communications on fan-driven choreos and general fan arrangements for the match.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Read more ...Football Supporters Europe continues to collect much-needed donations through its #secondfanshirt campaign.

Supporters donate team shirts, which are then sold on online, and the funds collected are then donated to fan-led campaigns welcoming refugees to Europe. This month the FSE Committee decided to make contributions of 1000 euros each to two groups from Austria and Scotland.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Read more ...Since January 2016, Football Supporters Europe has been a partner in the project Queering Football.

From January 2016 till the end of 2017, this European project seeks to challenge homophobia in football and aims at establishing an inclusive football culture and anti-discrimination standards at major sport events.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Read more ...Our members from the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) are launching a major campaign, created by multi - award winning advertising creative Gerry Farrell Ink to give the fans the say in the best and worst of Scottish Football this season.

The SFSA wants to give its members the chance to decide on the big talking points for season 2015-16 and to find the fan of the year. SFSA is asking fans now to contact them with nominations of that fan who goes that extra mile just to support his club.

Like the FSF, SFSA is providing a range of categories, that already started to attract attention and fans will be asked for nominations across some more categories in April.

On 29 May an event will be held in Glasgow and will tour the country in subsequent years. On the event the lucky winners will be presented.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Read more ...The Fans’ Embassy Russia in cooperation with Football Supporters Europe, the French Football Federation and the Russian Football Union is organizing Fans’ Embassy services for Russian fans at the friendly game between Russia and France in Paris on 29 March.

Paris is especially beautiful in the spring and even more attractive in the light of the coming friendly game at the Stade de France where these two national teams are meeting less than three months before EURO 2016!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Read more ...Maybe you´ve experienced a situation like this before: over many weeks, you wait eagerly for the European draw of your team, you start planning your trip, you check out hostels, pubs, stadium rules, drinking laws and you realize that to be properly prepared for your football trip, you have to retrieve your info from loads of different places and platforms. And on top of that, most of the information is only available in a language you can´t even understand.

We are fed up with this, and this is why we have started to put together all relevant travel advice for football fans in one place, in our free FSE Fans Guide App. It is an independent not-for-profit project created and developed by fans, for fans. All information has been provided by fellow football fans in order to support each other.

Tuesday, 08 March 2016

Read more ...More than 150 participants from 26 countries met in Paris and prepared supporters’ services during UEFA EURO 2016. French Secretary of State for Sports, Thierry Braillard, spoke to the conference.

At the RESPECT Fan Culture Fans’ Embassies conference on 03 and 04 March 2016 the course was set for the tournament in June/July 2016.

Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and the Fédération Française de Football (F.F.F.) – supported by UEFA - welcomed stakeholders who discussed the implementation of Fans’ Embassies during UEFA EURO 2016. The first fan-related conference of this kind ever organized in France was also a platform to explain their role in the wider fan hosting concept to contribute to a festive atmosphere and security at the tournament.

Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Read more ...In February 2016 more donations have been awarded by Football Supporters Europe (FSE) for groups working with refugees, showing that football fans around the continent welcome refugees fleeing war and persecution.

The first group awarded funds is the No Borders Kitchen, which operates from the Greek island of Samos. Turkey is only 2.2 km away and on a daily basis, refugees are making the perilous journey across the sea to Samos.  All refugees are held in a former prison on the island, where the facilities are very basic.

Monday, 07 March 2016

Read more ...More than 150 participants from 26 countries meet in Paris to prepare supporters’ services during UEFA EURO 2016. French Secretary of State for Sports, Thierry Braillard, will address the conference.

On 03 and 04 March 2016, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and the Fédération Française de Football (F.F.F.) are hosting a conference – supported by UEFA - on RESPECT Fan Culture in order to give stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the implementation of Fans’ Embassies during UEFA EURO 2016. It also provides a platform to explain their role in the wider fan hosting concept to contribute to a festive atmosphere and security at the tournament.

Tuesday, 01 March 2016


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