Read more ...The FSE Football Fans’ Guide is a smartphone app that enables fans who travel to stadiums across Europe to have all useful information relevant for football supporters with them through their mobile phone. All info is independent, entirely subjective and provided by football fans, for football fans.

And the best thing is: the info in the app will be available offline once you’ve downloaded it. So, you don’t need an internet connection and can spare yourself expensive roaming costs – and to make things perfect: this app is a non-profit project and available for free.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Read more ...In autumn 2014, the members of Football Supporters Europe (FSE) started a donation campaign under the name All Colours Are Beautiful! SECOND FAN SHIRT” (#secondfanshirt) on 21 October 2014, to do their bit to make a contribution to improving the devastating situation of refugees.

The frightening war scenarios across the world are currently leaving millions of people stranded close to the war zones or in the middle of Europe. Some are still living in a conflict region in the middle of Europe under desperate conditions, like in Ukraine, others fled to our neighborhoods from war zones to save their lives, e.g. from Syria. And some of them are also members of Football Supporters Europe (FSE).

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Read more ...Problems with the authorities while watching your club

Looking at some of the so-called ‘hooligan legislation’ out there or the ongoing, and the almost natural further restriction of civil liberty rights of all football supporters in a match day context and beyond nowadays makes it sometimes hard to believe that most of us in fact aren’t evil creatures but nothing more than passionate supporters who want nothing more than to be valued by their clubs and follow their team. We don’t deny that there is violence and discriminatory behavior, too – but whilst it’s evidently a tiny minority of offenders, the laws, measures or intervention strategies often in place target or directly punish all fans collectively as a problem. And rather than preventing the escalation of conflicts, scientific evidence shows that these one-sided strategies are much more likely to make things even worse…

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Read more ...The FSE Fan Researcher Network was founded in 2013 at the European Football Fans´ Congress in Amsterdam, organised by Football Supporters Europe (FSE). The intention was to share research on football supporters across Europe and to set up a European network of interdisciplinary researchers who work on fan issues. The research area is broad and there are no intentions to narrow the scope in the network.

On the contrary, the network is open to all researchers that do research related to football supporters. The FSE Fan Researcher Network consists of researchers from several countries and a wide range of fields from all over Europe.

Wednesday, 06 April 2016

Read more ...

FSE is one of the founding members of the Sport and Rights Alliance (SRA). The SRA is a coalition of leading NGOs, sports organisations and trade unions, which was founded in early 2015 to address the decision-makers of international sports mega-events to introduce measures to ensure these events are always organised in a way that respects human rights, the environment and anti-corruption requirements at all stages of the process - from bidding, through to the development and delivery phase to final reporting.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Read more ...The FSE Whistleblower Campaign against the wrongful overpricing of tickets for away fans

Stand up and get in touch!

Are you following your team to matches in UEFA competitions abroad?

Have you already experienced that you had to play abroad and later found out that you had to pay a much higher price for your ticket than the fans of the home team for the same category?

We know that this happens too often, but it is wrongful and you can do something about it!

Tuesday, 08 February 2011

Read more ...As FSE, we think that regular dialogue between fans and their club is essential to minimise problems and maximise mutual benefit, for the best for the club. This is why we support the concept of so-called Supporters Charters. According to our understanding, Supporters Charters are in brief to be considered a non-binding agreement between fans and clubs that has to be elaborated in a joint negotiation process (on equal footing), identifying each others rights and obligations towards each other. Supporters Charters should be revised on a regular basis and serve as a tool to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between fans and clubs at local level, whilst helping to strengthen responsibilities for each other and a positive relationship on both sides.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Read more ...Irregularly and upon initiative from the wider membership, FSE calls for European Stadium Action Days to show international solidarity of football fans for common issues.

Below you can find a summary of previous Stadium Action Days.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


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