2017 effc committee completeThe FSE Committee is the main management board and responsible for the overall running and representation of the European fans network FSE. It is consisting of appointed representatives of the FSE Coordinating Office and directors of the on-topic divisions and most importantly, elected members of Football Supporters Europe (FSE). They are fans representatives from across Europe elected every two years at the Biannual General Meeting at the European Football Fans Congress of FSE.

These are the elected members of the FSE Committee:

Robert Ustian, CSKA Fans Against Racism, Russia

Stephanie Dilba, Bündnis Aktiver Fußballfans, Germany

Herjan Pullen, Supportersvereniging Ajax, Netherlands

Jim Spratt, Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporter Clubs, Northern Ireland

Kevin Miles, Football Supporters Federation (FSF), England

Hüseyin Emre Balli, 1907 ÜNIFEB, Turkey

Pierre Barthélemy, Association Nationale des Supporters, France

Paul Corkrey, Fans Embassy Wales, Wales


THESE ARE THE Appointed members of the FSE Committee:

Ronan Evain, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) - Coordination

Michael gabriel, Germany - Director FSE Fans' Embassy Division

Mark Doidge, England - Director Anti-Discrimination Division


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